Amidaware Inc. Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 07, 2023

At Amidaware, our global presence spans almost every country. Central to our mission is the unwavering commitment to safeguarding our customers' and their end-users' personal data.

This Privacy Statement encapsulates the data practices of Amidaware, Inc. and its subsidiary entities (referred to as “Amidaware”, "we", or "us"). It pertains to the personal data we engage with while delivering our services and encompasses any data garnered or provided during your interactions with or any other site we operate that references this Privacy Statement (together referred to as “Our Site”).

Please note that this document isn't a binding contract with our users. Instead, it provides an overview of Amidaware's existing protocols concerning personal data. We urge you to familiarize yourself with our data handling practices. Do revisit this statement occasionally as it may undergo revisions.

An important clarification regarding data processed by our tools and services:

Our software and solutions empower Amidaware clients to collect, disseminate, visualize, and govern their individual data. Typically, this data remains exclusively within the client's infrastructure, remaining inaccessible to Amidaware. On rare occasions when Amidaware can access a segment of a client's data due to specific configurations, it's strictly for service provision to that specific client. Such data interactions align with our agreement with the client and not according to Amidaware's primary Privacy Statement. Hence, references within this Privacy Statement, like the utilization of personal data for marketing outreach, don't pertain to such client data.

Whenever data channeled through our services pertains to a recognized or potentially recognizable individual, Amidaware acts purely as the client's "processor" in line with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and as the client's "service agent" as per the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"). Any queries or requests associated with this category of data should be directed towards the respective client, not Amidaware.

1. Information collected

a. Data You Share With Us

When interacting with us, you might share various data types, including:

• Personal Identifiers: This encompasses details like your name, username, physical address, email, and other contact-related data.

• Business Transactions & Interactions: This includes communications, transactional details, interactions with Amidaware or our affiliates, the content of any support tickets you raise, your interests and preferences, participation in our promotions, and contributions to our online discussions.

• Payment Details: Information related to financial transactions.

• Online Activity & Device Data: Details like IP addresses, unique device identifiers, cookie information, specifics about your device, browsing patterns, metadata, as well as settings and usage data linked to our products.

• Work-Related Information: This might be the name of your organization or company.

• Additional Identifiable Information: Any other data that directly identifies you or can reasonably be linked to you.

• Analytical Conclusions: These are insights derived from the above-mentioned data points.

b. Technology for Data Gathering

Our digital platforms, in conjunction with third-party services, employ automated tools like cookies, web beacons, local storage mechanisms, JavaScript, functionalities of mobile devices, and other forms of code to gather data from your device.

Such collected data might encompass unique identifiers for browsers, IP addresses, details about browsers and operating systems, device-specific IDs (like ad identifiers), geographical information, other specs of your device, particulars of your internet connection, and interactions on our site or other online platforms. This can include the source website that redirected you to ours, pages you browsed on our site, and any links you might have clicked. In instances like cookie usage, these tools may store unique IDs or other info on your device for retrieval at a later time.

The purpose of using these technologies includes:

• Showcasing content tailored to you;

• Remembering your preferences to personalize your experience on our website;

• Conducting analysis to understand audience size, usage trends, and the demographic breakdown of our users;

• Addressing and rectifying technical glitches;

• Strategizing and optimizing our business operations; and

• Supporting various other objectives and disclosures mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

c. Data Acquired from External Sources

At times, we may obtain personal data about you from external entities. This can include our service partners, associated organizations, collaborators (for instance, entities we coordinate with for events or competitions), distributors, clientele, tech product providers, vendors providing business intelligence, and entities compiling lists. Additionally, we might source data from public domains, like LinkedIn or corporate websites. It's possible that this data might be merged with the information we already hold about you.

2. Use of that Information

We, along with our service partners, utilize the aforementioned information for the objectives listed below:

• Manage and maintain your account, which includes processing your signup details and validating the information you provide;

• Deliver, oversee, and enhance our offerings;

• Carry out operational activities pertinent to our services such as audit processes, ensuring security, preventing fraudulent activities, handling invoicing and accounting, steering sales and promotional activities, conducting analytical studies, and driving research and innovation;

• Dispatch service-related messages (like welcome notes, confirmations, and updates) relevant to your interactions on our platform, or any alterations to our site or services, in line with any communication preferences you might have set;

• Engage with you about offerings, both from Amidaware and third parties, as well as about surveys, research endeavors, promotional events, and other topics potentially interesting to you, in accordance with any communication preferences you've opted for;

• Send marketing and promotional content, aligning with any set communication preferences;

• Tailor content, user experiences, and advertisements both within our services and across the digital realm;

• Generate collective data that is either stripped of identifiable details or rendered anonymous;

• Abide by legal obligations, standards, and necessary legal procedures; and

• Uphold, enforce, or safeguard our legal entitlements.

Additionally, we may employ and share data that's been aggregated, rendered anonymous, or de-identified for any legitimate purpose.

3. Disclosure of that Information

Amidaware shares personal details under the following scenarios:

• With Our Clients: We share personal details with our clientele.

• Service Partners: We may provide personal details to firms assisting us or you, encompassing entities responsible for data storage, marketing, website hosting, safeguarding, analytics, and fraud deterrence.

• Within Our Corporate Group: Personal details may be shared with other entities under our corporate umbrella, based on the stipulations in this Privacy Policy.

• During Business Transitions: Personal information might be revealed in the context of, or while planning for, business events such as acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, selling assets, or other major corporate developments.

• To Our User Base: If you post content with personal details on publicly accessible parts of our website, such as forums, that information could be accessed by all users and could continue to be publicly available indefinitely.

• Business Collaborators: We might provide information to strategic collaborators, like organizations we team up with for events or promotional activities.

• Legal Obligations: We might release details if mandated by legal processes such as subpoenas, court orders, or at the request of law enforcement or other government bodies.

• For Safety & Security: We could share details when we deem it necessary for probing or preventing illicit actions, potential fraud, or other malpractices; to guard the interests, assets, or safety of Amidaware, our staff, clients, or the general public; or when upholding our terms and other contracts.

• Based on Your Approval: If you've granted permission for specific personal information disclosures, we will honor that agreement.

In certain scenarios, we may also reveal data that's collectively presented, de-identified, or anonymized, among other circumstances.

4. Global Data Movement

Amidaware operates on a global scale, which means personal data might be shared with entities in the U.S., EU, and other regions. This could involve sending data to places where privacy and data protection standards might not be as stringent as those in your home country. Whenever such transfers take place, we employ the necessary mechanisms to ensure the data is safeguarded as mandated by law. For data governed by GDPR, for instance, we rely on EU-sanctioned Standard Contractual Clauses to secure the data. If you'd like to review the measures Amidaware employs when sharing data with third parties, feel free to reach out using the contact details provided in the closing section of this Privacy Policy.

5. Laws we have to follow for Processing Information

Certain regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and analogous laws, mandate data controllers to specify the legal grounds for processing personal data. When these regulations apply to us, our justifications are:

• Often, the handling of personal data aligns with either our legitimate interests or the interests of third parties. For instance, we may process personal details based on these interests to:

        • Enhance and maintain our offerings;

        • Undertake various business functions related to our services, encompassing auditing, ensuring security, preventing fraud, handling financial transactions, certain promotional activities, specific analytical endeavors, and R&D;

        • Engage with you through certain mediums about Amidaware's and third-party offerings, surveys, research projects, promotional activities, notable events, and other topics we believe might appeal to you;

        • Generate collective, de-personalized, or anonymized data; and

        • Assert, apply, or safeguard our legal entitlements.

• There are instances where processing personal data is a direct result of our legal commitments.

• At times, our processing of personal data stems from your authorization. For instance, depending on the context and the applicable laws, the following actions may be grounded on consent, be it explicit or inferred:

        • Reaching out to you through specific channels about Amidaware's and third-party offerings, surveys, research initiatives, promotions, special events, and other topics we presume might intrigue you; and

        • Executing certain promotional, marketing, and analytical tasks.

6. Your Rights and Preferences

Occasionally, Amidaware will notify you about updates to our services, your activity on our website, and other related matters, primarily through email. We might also communicate via other methods, like text messages or postal mail. If you'd prefer not to receive these, contact us using the details found at the end of this Privacy Policy. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletters or promotional emails by following the instructions within the email.

We don’t recognize browser-specific “Do Not Track” signals. However, your location may grant you the authority to manage cookies and similar trackers. Here's how:

• For cookie preferences, click the Cookie Preferences link in the website's footer. Remember to set this for each browser you use.

• To opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, consider using Google's Opt-out Browser Add-on.

• For more on interest-based advertising or opting out from some of our ad partners, visit or

• You can configure your browser settings to decline or alert you about certain cookies. Some browsers also let you manage local storage and Flash storage.

• Remember, rejecting cookies and related technologies might impair website functionality. If you change browsers, clear cookies, or use a browser that auto-clears cookies, you might need to re-establish your preferences.

• Explore your mobile device's privacy settings for more controls, like device identifiers or geolocation.

Regarding specific jurisdictions like the European Economic Area or the UK, residents might have rights to:

• Verify if we possess their personal information and know how it's used.

• Get a copy of the information in certain accessible formats or have it transmitted elsewhere.

• Update, amend, or delete their data.

• Challenge or restrict the use of their data.

• Withdraw previously given consent for data handling.

• Opt-out from direct marketing, applicable to residents under GDPR, Canada, and some other places.

These rights might have exceptions based on the law.

Californians can refer to Section 13 for their privacy rights. To exercise any other privacy rights, contact us as detailed at the end of this Privacy Policy, including your personal and company details. Amidaware will aim to respond within 30 days.

If you have concerns about our privacy practices, email We'll review and attempt to resolve the issue. If our resolution is unsatisfactory, you can escalate to the appropriate privacy regulator.

7. Ensuring Data Security

Amidaware employs a mix of physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard the personal data shared with us. However, no method is entirely invulnerable. Thus, transmitting personal data is done at your discretion, and we cannot guarantee total protection against breaches or unauthorized access. It's essential to exercise caution when sharing information in public sections of our Website, such as forums, as any user can access this data.

8. Data Retention

We'll hold onto your personal data until it's no longer required for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy or unless a legal mandate dictates a longer retention period. For continuity and security reasons, we back up certain data, and these backups might be kept for extended periods compared to the original information.

9. Policy Modifications

This Privacy Policy may undergo revisions occasionally, reflecting changes in our procedures or due to legal updates. Any modifications will be made available on this page or a similar, easily accessible location.

10. Contact Information

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions you can contact us, by sending an email to [email protected]

11. Information for Residents of California

Section 13 is designed for California residents, following the guidelines set by the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). It either supplements or, in certain instances, reiterates details mentioned earlier in our Privacy Policy. This section doesn't pertain to non-Californians, data that Amidaware processes on behalf of its clients, or data not governed by the CCPA.

A. Gathering, Retention, and Usage of Data from Californians

In the past year leading up to this policy's enactment, Amidaware has compiled various personal data as outlined below. We plan to store this data based on the purposes cited or any longer duration prescribed by the law. The retention period varies, as mentioned below:

• Identifiers (like name, username, address, etc.)

        • For ongoing customer relationships: Stored for the contractual period and an additional two years for administrative and sales reasons.

        • For non-customers: Stored for one year post-email unsubscribe or their last interaction with Amidaware (whichever lasts longer) for analytical purposes.

• Commercial Details (information in communications, transaction records, etc.)

        • Stored for one year after the individual's last interaction or two years post-termination of their organization's agreement with Amidaware.

• Financial Records

        • Stored for seven years to back financial statements and crucial business processes.

• Internet or Device-Related Data (IP addresses, browsing details, etc.)

        • For ongoing customers: Retained through the contract and two more years for security and fraud detection.

• Professional or Job-Related Information

        • Typically stored for a year post-last interaction or two years post-termination of a contract with Amidaware.

• Inferences from the Above Data

        • Generally, inferences are kept for a similar duration as their underlying data.

Amidaware uses the collected data for:

• Managing and verifying your account.

• Enhancing and maintaining our services.

• Business-related operations supporting our services, including auditing, security, fraud prevention, invoicing, sales and marketing, analytics, and R&D.

• Communicating with users about our services, website activities, or updates.

• Informing you about Amidaware's and third-party products, services, and other opportunities.

• Advertising and content customization.

• Producing aggregated, anonymized data.

• Legal compliance and defending our rights.

"Sale", "Sharing", and the Right to Opt-Out as per the CCPA

• Within the context of the CCPA, Amidaware has shared certain personal details, categorized as a "sale" or "sharing". This includes data types such as IP addresses, user interaction history on websites, and commercial data. This data is primarily shared with entities that assist us, including those in marketing and analytics.

• Amidaware ensures it doesn't sell or share data about individuals below the age of 16.

• Users have the option to opt-out of this sharing via a form named "Your Privacy Choices" or through their browser’s Global Privacy Control signal.

• It's important to note that opting out does not prevent all types of personal information disclosures, and there are specific exceptions.

Information Shared with Third-Party Entities

• Various categories of personal data, including identifiers, commercial data, online activity data, professional details, and other identifiable information, are typically shared with partners such as Amidaware's affiliates, technical infrastructure providers, marketing and analytics partners, and certain government entities.

• Amidaware has a policy of not disclosing what the CCPA defines as "sensitive personal information" in ways that would necessitate unique opt-out rights.

Rights Under the CCPA for California Residents

• If you reside in California, the CCPA gives you the right to request access to, deletion of, or correction of your data. Additionally, you can ask for specifics about data collected or shared over the previous 12 months.

• There are circumstances under which some data might not be deleted, especially if that information is vital for delivering services.

• To ensure security and authenticity, Amidaware will verify the identity of individuals making such requests. This can be done using methods such as sending an email link or requiring an account login.

Requests Made Through Representatives

• Amidaware doesn't entertain personal data requests that are viewed or responded to via third-party platforms.

• Representatives or agents making requests on behalf of a consumer must validate their authorization. This might include providing written documentation like a notarized letter or power of attorney.

• Amidaware advises consumers to personally handle opt-out requests that are browser-based due to security reasons. However, if a consumer wishes for a representative to make these browser-based requests, the representative should do so using the consumer's browser.

• It's strictly against Amidaware's policies for any user to share their account login details with representatives or any other third party.

Protection Against Discrimination

• Individuals also possess the right, as granted by the CCPA, to exercise their privacy rights without facing any form of adverse discrimination.